Workshops & Education Courses

Alexandra offers a variety of workshops and education courses at local colleges, yoga schools and health conscious businesses around the United States.


Yoga Workshops

Kundalini Yoga: The Basics

Learn the foundations of Kundalini Yoga and how these ancient technologies can be applied in our modern times.

Kundalini Yoga: Explore the 10 Bodies

Deepen your understanding of the 10 bodies through these sacred yoga principles and learn how we can effectively apply them to our everyday lives.


Nom Workshops

Bite Into Life

Explore how transitioning to a healthier way of living and eating can be made delicious and seamless, while making life easier for you and your family.

Greenify Me

Uncover the history of nutritional wealth and learn how living “green” can reduce your environmental footprint and greatly improve your health and wellbeing.

Kombucha Brewing

Learn the basics of the fermentation process, how to get that flavor & effervescence just right, and how cost effective it is to brew your very own at home. 


Business Workshops

Holistic Entrepreneurship 101

Navigate your next big move with this guide to starting your own holistic business.

Content Curation

Discover your individualized artistic aesthetic focused specifically on the voice and message of your brand. 

Pattern of Organization

Declutter your workspace, free up your workload and bring your own balance into how you work.

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