Time for Self Care

March 10, 2016 by nomyogi in Nutrition Yoga 0 comments
Time for Self Care

Externally, to most people I seem to be pretty healthy and in shape. I do yoga, am a vegetarian, get enough sleep, think well..blah blah blah. Over the past year-ish, internally I’ve been feeling like shit.

My energy levels are extremely low, I’m bruising, my skin is breaking out, my spine is extra sensitive, I feel nauseous after meals and my headaches have started up again- but this time more intense and more frequent. I’ve been hiding in my hole trying to figure out what is happening with my body. I’ve been extra cautious about eating out and have been upping the vitamins, coconut oil, rest, etc. I’ve explored both western and eastern medicine, seeking answers to why I feel physically run down. Mentally, I’m good! But physically I feel like a bus is running back and forth over my energy reserves and I’m hitting dangerously low levels of well being. Bottom line is I am 26 years old and should not be feeling like this! I am fed up with feeling ill and will not allow myself to neglect that the most important thing in my life is my own journey of self healing.

So I am starting a new daily regimen. I am trying new modalities for healing, changing my diet and significantly dedicating more time to myself. I need my own self love right now. In order for me to be the best teacher and human I can be, I have to get myself in a better space physically. So for the next however long- I am committed to being back on the road to recovery.

I love my body. I am healthy, happy and strong. I believe in the power to heal myself. 🙏

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