There is a Way Through Every Block

July 2, 2018 by nomyogi in Lessons Yoga 0 comments
There is a Way Through Every Block

There are 5 sutras for the Aquarian age and I keep coming back to this one time and time again…There is a way through every block. When I look down and see tiny sprouts emerging through the cracks in the concrete, I am reminded. When the suns rays cut through the cloudy skies and so perfectly burst out in a spectrum of light over the ocean, I am reminded.

Road blocks are inevitable. They come at the strangest of times and sometimes can seem to be the harsh, abrupt ending to a lengthy journey towards something. It can take some creativity and courage getting through it, but still, we progress.

Water doesn’t stop moving just because there is a mountain in its way. It flows on and it shapes that mountain into a soft edged boulder that we will use as a stepping stone. We shouldn’t stop moving because there are challenges afoot. We must keep going, we must persevere and believe in ourselves enough to know that hard work pays off and soon, it will all be worth it.

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