The Universal Language of a Smile

May 9, 2016 by nomyogi in Lessons Yoga 0 comments
The Universal Language of a Smile

No matter where in the world you are from, you understand the universal language of laughter. It is a commonality between us all and it unites us without judgement of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. The more I’ve traveled the world, the more aware I’ve become of the power of humor and a simple smile. Walking down the streets, my eyes will meet a strangers and although we don’t speak the same language, there is an acknowledgement of our connection as equals as we smile in passing.

We are all connected. Period.

By living more consciously with that truth, you are able to find more depth in being compassionate, loving and supportive not only to yourself but to the planet in which we live. We are global citizens. Our country is this Earth and our mission is connection. We are here, right now, to blur the lines of separateness and together raise the vibrations on our planet and within ourselves. As a global citizen of the planet Earth, I solemnly swear to protect, uplift and unite humanity. I pledge to live out my mission and bring the medicine of laughter to all I meet.

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