The Loving Journey of Self Discovery

November 21, 2017 by nomyogi in Lessons Yoga 0 comments
The Loving Journey of Self Discovery

Learning to love yourself wholly and completely is no easy task. Starting on this path can get scary sometimes because in the process of discovery, a lot is bound to come up. Your fears, your secrets, your insecurities reveal themselves. They poke and provoke your mind as little tests to see how your consciousness responds.

These parts of ourself we tend to keep locked far away, deep in the cabinets of our soul, hidden away in the dark. But why? Why do we flee in fear from our shadow, pretending it doesn’t exist, egoically exclaiming, “IM not like that!” or “I would never!!”. You’d be surprised what buried treasures you find when you start digging into yourself. Those revelations are the gold to your growth; they are foundations of the work we are here to do. Be gentle with yourself in your unraveling. We all have made mistakes, judged and been hurt. It’s what we do with that pain, how we can transmute it into our own source of healing that matters.

I’m not perfect. I hold onto my pain like it’s a lifeline to my salvation sometimes. I’ve realized that holding on to the pain does nothing except hold me back from my own freedom. The best way to overcome something is to face it straight on and dive into the heart of it. That’s where alchemy takes place…in the heart. It doesn’t happen overnight but love is the medicine. Love, just love. It’s all we really need. ♥️

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