The Inbetween

January 11, 2016 by nomyogi in Poetry Yoga 0 comments
The Inbetween

Thumps from my beating heart ring out through the pores of my skin.
Can you hear my body vibrate to the sound of my song?
I sit and watch myself in the cycles, round and round again.
I watch them unfold.
I watch them morph, change shape and create a story, endless stories of nonsense, betrayal, abandonment and loss.
I closely watch them.
I see all the stories of trust, commitment, honesty and love.
I closely watch them.
These patterns, the pitter patterns of my heart beat bring truth.
These patterns, the pitter patterns of my mind bring deceit.
I choose my lessons and my lessons choose me.
Again and again, I learn the same truths shown in different shades of different colors.
I circle in dance with my heart and my mind, one leads and the other falls behind.
I decide from the space of which I stand with these two feet.
My center, the space between the beats, brings me back to that knowing that of my own unique frequency.
The lessons begin to fall away, the mind quiets, the beats softly fade as I rest back.
Deeply letting go, deeply in tune of the journey home.

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