The Big Two

August 3, 2018 by nomyogi in Entrepreneurship 0 comments
The Big Two

Two things I will never again do in my life…
☝️Settle for less than I deserve.
✌️Tell myself that I can’t do something.

There is nothing more scary than the idea of being at the end of my life and looking back with regret that I should’ve or could’ve done things differently. The thought of that literally brings chills to my spine. I take risks even when I know there’s a high chance of failure and I never give up on something that I’ve put my focus on achieving. If all things in life came easy, the world would be a dramatically different place. Reaching new heights takes guts and drive! When you start to get into a cushy place, check yourself and see if if settling on something because it’s easy and comfortable. You deserve greatness and all the success in the world, don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. First comes the work. Set new goals and never settle. If something doesn’t feel right for you, it probably isn’t! If you think you can get somewhere- YOU CAN! Just start, keep the focus, stay the course and don’t give up for a subpar version of your dream.

I got into this routine of being satisfied but really not excited with my life. I had achieved the goals I set for myself years back but I wasn’t being challenged anymore. Things became too easy, too lazy. I had to rework my routine and get myself out of the pattern of complacency. I had to focus on where I want to be in the future and who I am evolving into. We are not stagnant beings! Self doubt is a stone cold killer of dreams. It will tear you apart from the inside out. I promised myself I will never tell myself I can’t do something again. My inner critic told me LIES for years. That i’ll never make enough money, have a successful career, be funny enough, pretty enough…you know the story. You know what I said back to that negative voice telling me I can’t? WATCH ME.

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