Self Love in Portland

August 15, 2017 by nomyogi in Travel 0 comments
Self Love in Portland

Rolled out my mat this morning and received a nice reminder about self love. I’ve been feeling a little off my game recently, neglecting my practice, which is a deeply meaningful time of personal introspection and self love. I circle back to this habit when I’m stressed and feel unsettled. I neglect the most important thing, myself. I don’t know why I do that. I love yoga, I love meditation, I love sharing in all the wonderful benefits of radical self love. I love eating healthy, I love to cook and connect with the earth. But lately I’ve been feeling the urge for sugar and laziness!! As my own harsh critic, the negative mind gets louder and into a spiral I go.

Cycles and cycles, lessons after lesson and I’m still figuring it out step by step. Trying not to stress or worry about the future but instead just be present and listen to my heart and where it’s leading me. We are all spiritual chameleons in some essence, riding the subtle waves of our inner shadows and light. We have the power to change, we don’t have to always choose to be who we’ve been in the past. It’s an internal metamorphosis that leads to the external sensations, the realizations of truth in change.

Delicious awakenings in class this morning gave me that little boost I needed to get back on my mat, breathe and move – thanks for providing the sacred space and teaching @yogaonyamhill ❤

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