Prayers of Pachamama

July 26, 2016 by nomyogi in Poetry Yoga 0 comments
Prayers of Pachamama

The warrior inside me is burning with a fire, a fire of destruction, the kind that sets my soul ablaze with the vengeance of Shiva. Our planet is dying and we are dancing along the edge- too close to go unfelt and unnoticed.

We, as a collective consciousness, have the creative force to heal and rebuild our communities & the structures of our countries. It is our responsibility to take care of Gaia.

We are here, right now, to create…but not first without destruction. We cannot know the highs until we see and feel the lows.

Take a look around. See the beauty in nature- the way She has been intricately designed in the replication of the landscape as our bodies. Her veins are the roots of plants, her blood the rivers, her breath the wind.

Heaven on Earth is already in front of your eyes.

Open them.

Do not remain chained to the bonds of the calcification of your soul.

Free yourself.

Break down everything within so you can rebuild.

Wake up.

Your Soul is screaming to see the Truth behind the veil.

The time is NOW.

It’s here, with no turning back. Raise the vibration of our planet with me, hand in hand, as equals, as messengers of light. We are light BEings.


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