No More

July 3, 2018 by nomyogi in Entrepreneurship 0 comments
No More

I work hard for everything I have and everything I’ve done. I beat myself up for not being “there” instead of focusing on what’s already “here”. I’ve ran the rat race and I’m tired of running. Who says you need that fucking carrot anyways?

I PG myself constantly, out of fear of being too controversial. I always try to walk the middle path, to give people the benefit of the doubt and to hear all sides before forming my own opinion. I have dumped oceans of water on my spicy personality, hoping to tame that ferociousness inside me to be more “socially appropriate and acceptable”.


I am DONE playing small. I will not accept half committed people in my life. You’re either all in or your not. No more one foot in one foot out. I’ve straddled this fence for too long and I am done with it. I feel like I’ve ripped myself into two pieces, wondering why I haven’t felt whole and why these half committed situations manifest in my life. NO MORE.

I’m going to keep shining. I will continue to reveal myself to you, open hearted, fierce as all hell and True. Love it or leave it. It’s me.

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