Magical Maui

June 11, 2018 by nomyogi in Family 0 comments
Magical Maui

I met someone in Hawaii. His name is Wally. He told me a story about how he walks to the water alone everyday and sits on the edge of the lava rock pretending to be Neptune. He told me about his 360s, as he calls them, where he simply stops in place and slowly turns around to soak everything in. We did a few of these together during the time and I spent with him. We walked barefoot through what felt like the Secret Garden and he showed us a hidden Banyan tree. It was like walking into the Earths cerebrum, with thousands of neural passages stretching out for connection to something, anything. We all sat together in a circular bamboo grove at a little wooden table and talked for hours. He held space so lovingly as I spoke of my suppressed grief of losing my grandmother. When our eyes met, his had gentle tears that matched my own. He told me she was here. She was. I don’t know if our encounter was magick or just pure luck but he was something special and someone I’ll never forget.

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