Lotus Power

December 15, 2016 by nomyogi in Poetry Yoga 0 comments
Lotus Power

The lotus is born into the darkness, its first flicker of life being beneath the surface amongst the dark, muddy sediment and slimy organisms.

Away from its watery womb, it begins to grow towards the light, transforming itself along the journey, along the spirits voyage from darkness to light. It keeps rising, in reach of the light, until one day it’s surrounded by warm rays of sunshine and the playful, etheric breeze wisping against its tightly closed bud.

As an alchemist, it waits for the perfect moment, the in between.

It breaks, cracking its bulbous shell into petals, one by one, fully vulnerable and fully open. The secret is in the mud, the mud that we share, the mud we call karma, lessons and pain. We too, like the lotus, grow into ourselves over the course of our experiences and gained wisdom. The power is in your vulnerability, your honesty, your truth, your Self. The power is in honoring the journey and realizing that it all comes from within.

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