Live a life To The MAX

March 24, 2015 by nomyogi in Travel Yoga 0 comments
Live a life To The MAX

Last July a very special soul in my community passed away. His name was Max.

He was a modern explorer, traveling on a whim and always perfectly centered in the flow of life. He taught me to dream big, never give up my dreams of traveling the world and to always remember that adventure lies anywhere I chose to look. He taught me to love selflessly, to open my heart, to follow my dreams, to be a kid again. He taught me that life isn’t as hard as we think it needs to be and that I can shine in my own beautiful radiance–just as I am. He was a radical hue-man-be-ing, bursting with this energy that impacted you in such a way that you could feel yourself buzzing just being in his presence.

When I chose to go to Costa Rica–it was him in the back of my mind saying “Go for it! Explore!” Just urging me to take the chance on this new adventure. That first smell of Costa Rican air, I could feel him with me. I could feel him smiling down on me when the sunshine touched my skin. Every day I was there, there was this presence of the duality between challenges and the ecstasy of bliss at the forefront of my consciousness. I saw the connective strings of life interweaved between you and me and him and her and that and this. It all became one and the same. It’s the same trip we go on, round and round, again and again, until we get it, until we can see the Truth again. I saw it again and remembered.

I remembered my Truth. I saw it right there in front of my eyes. I saw it in the water rushing back into the ocean after the wave crashed on the shore. I saw it when I looked in a strangers eyes. I saw that Truth that Max so greatly expressed to his peers while he was still with us. A message he left us with was to live our life to the MAX. Costa Rica was that jump point for me to make the decision to do it- or to keep waiting and waiting for the “right time” to start living my life the way I dream of. The time is now.

Thank you Max. I love and miss you every day!

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