Life Reminders

January 3, 2014 by admin in Yoga 0 comments
Life Reminders

Life is a journey, a process. A constant adventure of ups and downs and pain and pleasures. It’s not easy; It’s not all fluff and happiness. It can hurt sometimes very badly. What we must remember is that each unique experience is shaping us into the highest form of our divine self.

Life is about growth. It’s about your reaction to challenges, the external and internal experiences of your soul and the emotions felt within this life. Find the balance and peace within that silent space of your heart.

You’ve already planted your roots.

The past has brought you right where you need to be and future has yet to unravel itself. Each moment, each experience helps you grow a little more. Center yourself in the present moment. Be here now. Right now. Open your heart, embrace the gift of love and the blessing of life. Grow your branches to the sky, embracing the unknown and awaiting the surprises around every turn.

It’s okay to free fall. You don’t need to be anywhere except exactly where you are. Allow yourself to always grow. We are all divine souls with the same light within. We come from the same center and return to that same home in the end. Life is a journey, a process, a manifestation of the divine consciousness. Honor that divinity within yourself.

Love you all ❤ shanti shanti shanti

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