Lessons on Transition & Faith

December 9, 2015 by nomyogi in Lessons Yoga 0 comments
Lessons on Transition & Faith

For me, the moments in between are some of the most uncomfortable, scariest times in my life. They also are the ones that provide me the opportunity to vastly expand and evolve into who I envision myself to be. Right now I’m in that space of transition. I am being uprooted, so now I have to look at what I really want. I have a new blank canvas to paint on and now I have to decide what I want to paint. What do I want to cultivate in my life? How can I best serve my souls evolution? What truly makes me happy?

Detoxification and purification is not always comfortable- but time and time again, we need it to allow ourselves to reset, reevaluate and recharge. There’s this saying which I know I’m butchering about how you can either walk the path the universe provides for you or it will drag you along it. So have faith and follow that path although it may seem scary. If something stirs up that nervousness/excited feeling within- DO IT. Who cares what they say!? Who cares who judges you!? Remember to take those leaps of faith and trust that you are guided.

The universe rewards those who live from the heart. Live from love and don’t let fear stand in your way…

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