Lessons of a Yogini #4

July 9, 2016 by nomyogi in Lessons Yoga 0 comments
Lessons of a Yogini #4

Love begins with yourself.

There is so much pain, suffering, hatred and ridicule in our world today. There is also so much love, joy, acceptance and appreciation. Why do we allow the negative to outweigh the positive?

Why do we allow ourselves to feel the weight of a negative situation, put all our attention there and pinpoint our focus on it? Yet, when something positive happens we internally, sometimes subconsciously, brush it off and go back to focusing on the negative? Your external world is a reflection of your interior and we have been programmed to see/feel/identify with negativity more commonly than positivity. Life will not always be positive, or negative for that matter. WE CHOOSE our experiences and WE CHOOSE what we make of them. If you love within, you will see the Love surround you.

You are a powerful creator. The link between your mind, body and soul goes far beyond ones rational comprehension. Be the yin to the yang, the light to the darkness. Uplift your communities without judgement of others because of their race, gender, profession, sexual orientation, sexual preference, or religion. Be the light that cuts through the bullshit. Bring love, compassion, understanding to each and every situation you face.

Grow together, not apart.

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