Lessons of a Yogini #1

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Lessons of a Yogini #1

I woke up this morning for yoga class and by accident I went to the wrong studio which resulted in me missing the class. As a little yogi in the midst of my YTT, missing class can make me feel like I’m being a ‘bad’ student. Although, I’m constantly being reminded that in this world there is no ‘bad’ or ‘good’ for that matter, only what is. It’s all about your perception. By changing your perception, your world will unfold in new ways before your eyes. You have all the power within yourself to make each and every day joyful and full of beauty and love. But it’s a choice. Happiness is a choice.

Rather than getting angry, speeding down to the other studio and rushing in to be that late girl in class, I chose to change my viewpoint of the situation. I came to a park, plopped down by the lake and remained present with the moment. I could feel the dew on the grass. I could smell the scent of the earth, the flowers, the water. The birds chirping to eachother, filling the whole space with lovely music. I am alive. This world is beating with the sound of life all around me and its beautiful to see. This moment of peace IS yoga. I don’t need to be in a class to practice yoga. Yoga is a union, or what literally means “to yoke”. Missing class happened for a reason. The oneness I feel with everything that is, is more than I could’ve received in class this morning. I love moments like this. Thanks universe.

I honor the light in you, my friend. Smile and be happy. Namaste ॐ

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