Flip Your Perspective

May 18, 2018 by nomyogi in Lessons Travel Yoga 0 comments
Flip Your Perspective

This picture is from last week when I *attempted* to leave Puerto Rico unfortunately without success. It was one of those days where literally everything that could’ve gone wrong did and I hit my personal limit for sanity. I had enough and I was fully DONE with the situation. I sat at my gate, watching the plane leave without me, with these big juicy tears welling up in my eyes. I sat for a moment and just let the tears come with zero fucks given for how crazy I looked or if anyone saw me crying. After a minute the tears stopped, I closed my eyes and took a much needed deep breath in and out.

It’s all happening for a reason, I said to myself, but I still felt like shit. My emotional brain was firing off anger, sadness and self pity left and right. I couldn’t sit like that. So I tried a pranayama technique and got my ass-ana moving. I moved that shit outta my body and mind and I didn’t stop moving until I felt better. Then I asked this random person to take a photo of me so I could remember this moment.

I couldn’t control the situation but I could control the outcome. I had to play the hand I was dealt and I had to move through it with grace. Did I do so perfectly? Hell no. But did I learn something? Hell yes I did! I learned that I’ve grown more patient and accepting of what is. I also learned where I can be better. Our personal work is never done and we don’t need to feel shame for our short comings. We need to rise to the occasion and face ourselves with love and honesty. I believe we’re faced with the challenges we need and it’s how we respond to those challenging moments that truly tells how far we’ve come.

Lesson (re)learned: when life turns itself upside down, shift the perspective. 🙃🤸‍♀️

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