Family Matters

February 9, 2018 by nomyogi in Family 0 comments
Family Matters

You can’t choose the family you’re born into. You can’t pick out all the good experiences and leave the rest for the birds. You have to deal with ALL the cards you’ve been dealt, although it may seem unfair, confusing and painful at times. Remember, you take steps everyday towards the future you want to live. You create how it looks and feels. The journey isn’t set it stone and it never will be, no matter how hard you try! You choose who you love and what your definition of family even is. You choose that family- filled with blood relatives, your spouse or life partner, their family, your friends, pets, children and all the other loved ones in your life! You have a choice. The next time you feel stuck or powerless, remember that you choose the life you live and only you can change and shape it to your liking! Keep you standards high, your ethics in mind and live from the heart. People and situations that don’t fit into that vision of your future will fall away. The ones that stay around will be the golden gleam that shines into your life. Keep your heart open and keep loving. Know yourself and trust that all is exactly as its supposed to be. ❤ Big love for my #1 stud @_amirror – you light up my life!!

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