Emotional Accountability

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Emotional Accountability

Think about this: Are you having a bad day, or, is it that you are experiencing a bad moment? So often we tell ourselves (and the people that surround us), “I’m having a bad day”. What we don’t recognize is that it’s not really about the situation that is triggering to you; it’s about YOU and the fact that you won’t allow yourself to simply unidentify with the emotion behind it. Immediately, we want to blame the external stimulus claiming, ‘your doing, your fault, you’re the one to blame”. Where is the accountability in that?

At any given moment, you can choose to flip the script on your psyche by saying ‘I am not angry – I am experiencing anger”. Instead of claiming the emotion as ourselves, we can create space in between stimulus and response. We do this through utilization of the breath and remembering that we are not our emotions. All too often, we give our power away to our emotional response and end up allowing it to ‘ruin’ our day. Why give your power away? Why give one precious day away to some emotional trigger itching at all your soft spots?

What I want you to realize is the depth of your own personal power. See that it’s your choice of how much of that experienced emotion you want to carry and how deeply you will let it affect the rest of your day. In many ways, it’s almost like an addiction, an emotional addiction to anger, jealousy, sadness, etc. We can drop it at any time but there’s almost a high that comes from emotional triggers. Internal change begins with svadyaya, the study of the self and it ends with complete conscious self-awareness. This practice of svadyaya in itself though is like a circle; there are high points & low points but it is all connected and there is no real end or beginning. It is a constant lesson in the matrix we like to call ‘reality’ but I like to call the school of life.

Carpe Diem, seize the day. Take charge of your life by taking charge of your emotions. Let go into yourself and with patience, watch what blooms from it.

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