Chaotic stillness

June 9, 2018 by nomyogi in Lessons 0 comments
Chaotic stillness

Life is sweeping me up in its chaotic flow, pulling me in different directions and exciting me with futures to come. So. Much. Is. Happening. I feel consumed and yet so ready for the payoff. This morning I sat on the cliff side taking in the vastness of the ocean in combination with these yummy grey California skies with the intention to open eye meditate. I need more meditation. So, I tried. A lot came up…yummy and bitter things but I tried with neutrality to honor each thought and let it go. After I left, I noticed something about my thoughts and I had a little ah-ha moment.💡 Chaotic stillness.

There is so much that is constantly surrounding us and waiting for us to engage with it, both animate and inanimate objects. Life is this push pull of chaos and stillness, chaos and stillness. The ocean represents exactly this concept of chaotic stillness, so vast and appearing at times, completely still but it is never without chaos somewhere! Chaos is that creative spark and stillness is the placid road of longevity. Chaos is instantaneous, stillness is infinite. Our bodies and mind are subject to this cat and mouse game of chaos vs stillness. Action and inaction. One needs the other. A time of chaos needs a time of stillness- to be balanced, to evolve and to be clear.

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