The Most Delicious Falafel You’ll Ever Taste
August 11, 2018 by nomyogi in Recipe 0 Comments

For many of us, the chickpea has become a household staple that has climbed the ranks to the echelon of worship. It’s simple, multipurpose and packed with nutritional benefits - what more do you need?

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Rosemary Lemon Asparagus
April 27, 2015 by nomyogi in Nutrition, Recipe 0 Comments

Prep Time: 05 minutes Cook time: 10 minutes Total time: 15 minutes Yield: 2-4 servings Ingredients 1 Large Bunch Asparagus 1-2 Tbsp Rosemary Infused Olive Oil 1 Cut in half Lemon To taste Salt To taste Pepper To taste Garlic powder Directions Wash the asparagus bunch and pat dry. Cut 2 inches off the end of the asparagus and set aside. In a medium size saucepan, heat the 2 Tbsp. of “Rosemary Infused Olive Oil’ over medium heat. Add the asparagus to the pan and cook for 6-10 minutes, depending on the thickness of the asparagus. Use a wooden spoon to ensure the asparagus is cooked evenly. After asparagus is finished cooking, take the two lemon halves and squeeze the juice over the cooked asparagus. I suggest using a fine strainer to catch the lemon seeds. For finishing touches, season with added salt, pepper & garlic powder to taste. Bon appetit!

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Easy DIY Rosemary Infused Olive Oil 
January 14, 2015 by nomyogi in Nutrition, Recipe 0 Comments

Growing up with a grandfather who was a professional chef, I learned at a young age that being Italian means 3 things.

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Healthy Dinner: Vegan Quinoa Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
December 28, 2014 by nomyogi in Nutrition, Recipe 0 Comments

At my house, dinner is one of the favorite times of the day. My boyfriend, my two cats, Chicken and NeNe, and myself all come together to break bread and talk about the day’s happenings.

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