Bring the Beat Back

August 4, 2016 by nomyogi in Dance Travel 0 comments
Bring the Beat Back

For a long time, I’d jokingly poke at myself by telling friends, “I lost my groove!” I left dance behind me, so far back that it feels like another lifetime. It was a bittersweet, distant memory, a memory of a part of myself that I had misplaced in a way.

In Costa Rica, I danced. I danced freely, wildly shedding years of self judgement with each twist and turn. I was starting to feel my bones reawaken, cracking in affirmation to keep moving & keep breathing. This breaking open of myself…it felt good. For years, I killed myself. I killed my own fire. I told myself to stop being wild, to stop being loud and to conform to something I felt I didn’t belong.

That chapter is over now. There will be no more of this submission of the spirit of woman, of this woman. I/she/we are ready to invoke the dance of the goddess, the dance of creation, the dance of the soul. We dance in honor of our ancestors, our lovers, our communities. We dance in honor of the sacred flame, in which we can confess our ignorance and thus reconcile the cosmic Union for ourselves, one another and the divine.

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