Biting Back Into Life

January 1, 2018 by nomyogi in Entrepreneurship 0 comments
Biting Back Into Life

Change is here. There’s been a shift in me. I’ve slacked off in giving myself my own nourishment and time for loving care. This past year brought so much change, beautiful peaks and valleys. It was definitely the year of recognizing polarity and from it, I feel like I came out the other side reborn. The old me is back – spicy as hell, silly 🙃adventurous and creative. I felt so disconnected to her after a tough few years. Those years brought me to deeply heal and to become more soft, more inwardly focused, vulnerable and connected to stillness. Now I just feel different, like something has changed. I feel committed to myself and my dreams, determined and focused on the goals. I am ready to open up more. It feels so good to crack open and share all the gooey goodness inside. The first step to happiness is commitment. I am committed everyday to giving it 100% and to building this community in devoted connection to the sacred. Kick ass this year, take no shit. Crush your goals. Pray. Be open, be present. Be healthy. Love fucking fiercely. Be better. You matter. BITE INTO LIFE! ♥ Happy New Year, Happy Full Moon 🌕🎆

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