Perfect Place, Perfect Time
March 16, 2018 by nomyogi in Lessons, Yoga 0 Comments

It's easy to focus on everything that's wrong and everything that could've been done better. Along the journey, we tend to think and talk about the negative parts of ourselves, those moments where we could've stepped up or done something differently.

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The Surrendering
March 9, 2018 by nomyogi in Lessons 0 Comments

When you let go of trying to control the situation, the outcome will change. We must humbly bow to the path and move forward, trusting we are being led in the right direction.

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Family Matters
February 9, 2018 by nomyogi in Family 0 Comments

You can’t choose the family you’re born into. You can’t pick out all the good experiences and leave the rest for the birds.

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Accountability Is Sexy
January 31, 2018 by nomyogi in Lessons 0 Comments

BE ACCOUNTABLE. Don’t blame others for your lack of organization or your inability to properly manage time.

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Jetset Ready
January 27, 2018 by nomyogi in Travel 0 Comments

Want to know one of my biggest goals for 2018? I’ll give you a hint. It involves lots of stamps...stamps in my passport that is!

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Biting Back Into Life
January 1, 2018 by nomyogi in Entrepreneurship 0 Comments

Change is here. There’s been a shift in me. I’ve slacked off in giving myself my own nourishment and time for loving care.

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Solstice Salutations
December 21, 2017 by nomyogi in Yoga 0 Comments

I got up this morning, walked all the way down to my favorite little secret spot on the beach and did my practice. In honor of the winter solstice, I moved through 108 rounds of Surya Namaskar, giving each round up as an offering of gratitude to our shining sun.

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The Story of the Lobster
December 4, 2017 by nomyogi in Lessons 0 Comments

Discomfort is a teacher. Don’t let the hard times fool you into believing life is hopeless.

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November 28, 2017 by nomyogi in Poetry 0 Comments

Uraeus the serpent lives watchful and protective

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Open the Heart Up
November 28, 2017 by nomyogi in Lessons, Yoga 0 Comments

Looking back at photos through the years, at first, I noticed that my practice hit a plateau. I started to judge myself from these old pictures, exclaiming terribly mean things to myself in my own mind.

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