Accountability Is Sexy

January 31, 2018 by nomyogi in Lessons 0 comments
Accountability Is Sexy

BE ACCOUNTABLE. Don’t blame others for your lack of organization or your inability to properly manage time. Don’t hold on to stress, shame or negativity; it will eat you alive if you do. Own your shit, be responsible and get it together. Be reasonable, be kind and let go of that which isn’t serving you. You make a CHOICE of how you live your life, no one else is responsible for how it looks. Shit happens, but so what? Do you stand up after you fall? Or, do you sit around pointing fingers at every reflection you see, not realizing the person your looking at is YOU? Your experiences shape you, they do NOT define you. We all have to be accountable for our actions and our LACK of action. It’s up to us. Do your part.

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