A Simple Smile

January 1, 2017 by nomyogi in Lessons 0 comments
A Simple Smile

On my drive home tonight I started to think about how rewarding it is when I am polite to strangers and well received. It literally makes me feel so good to make someone’s day with a joke, comment or compliment- although many times I’m met with unamusement in return.

On those occasions where we break out of our little bubble for a split second to actually speak to another stranger- those moments are the best. I love the conversation, I love the letting down of our guards, I love the humanness of it all. But when our eyes meet and I see you and you really see me, man there’s nothing like that. BOOM *heart explodes!! Juicy stuff!

I love people. I really do…I believe in the power of the human spirit; of all of us relearning that power in true genuine connection. It’s like a reconnection of humanity. Could you imagine? And how simple the ripple effect could be if we just focused on all that was instead of all that wasn’t. Crazy to think all this could unfold from just a simple smile 😊

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