A Goodbye to 2016

December 31, 2016 by nomyogi in Lessons 0 comments
A Goodbye to 2016

Everyone keeps talking about how rough this year was and yes, although I agree it was tough as shit at moments, why are we all focusing on the negative takeaways? What about all the good that happened? Think of all the moments you truly laughed, at those times you succeeded and how much you’ve grown. What about those moments you learned forgiveness, felt loved by your family and friends, ate a delicious meal or smiled at a stranger? What about a compliment given to you or that incredible hug that came at the perfect time? There’s so much good out there but why can’t we perceive those as the most important, heavily weighted moments in our lives?

This year has been filled with positive, loving, nourishing events but it’s so easy to overlook them and negate the weight of their personal, social and global impact. Our pain and all the stirring shit that we’ve been through helps us to evolve and heal our body, mind and soul. Everyday we have a choice, to see the glass as half empty or half full. 2017 will be no different in the fact that you’ll be faced with choices that will empower you and trigger you but either way you will be propelled forward.

We move forward- together, always. So why not choose to perceive the good to outweigh the bad? Why not move forward with love at the forefront of your entire way of living? I am grateful for all the tumultuous beauty this year has brought to myself and for how it’s prepared me for what is here now. We’ve been cast in each others shadows all year but the sun is rising and we are now returning to the light. It feels like community is more divided yet also more unified than ever but it’s how you perceive it. What a crazy trip this is, this whole life thing. I’m really looking forward for what’s to come in 2017 and to pollinate more positivity, inspiration and support in our community. Love you all to pieces. Happy New Year (almost) and SAT NAMaste 🙏✨

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