Detox the body and mind with a simple, clean approach to health and heal your digestive system. 

Meal Planning

Transitioning to a healthier way of living can be delicious and cost effective-making life easier.

Kitchen Raid

Out with the old and in with the new, upgrade your kitchen to flow with your nutritional lifestyle. 

Greenify Me

Transform your space into a personalized, fresh & sustainable home garden.

Private Coaching

Our relationship with food is the most intimate one we have–and impacts every aspect of our lives.

Alexandra works on meeting the individual where they are in their own nutrition habits and finds a solution to reflect a more sustainable, health conscious way of eating. Each session focuses on the goals of the client and creates a personalized action plan that easily fits into their daily life. Clients leave with an action plan packed full of knowledge and motivation to stay committed to a simpler, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

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    3-Month Challenge

    These programs are designed for the individuals who are dedicated to transitioning to a healthier way of living. Working with Alexandra, you will approach your current lifestyle with a holistic perspective and create a curriculum specifically designed for your individual needs. Each week, you will have a scheduled call with Alexandra to go over weekly strategy and goals. Step back into a healthier you by staying committed to YOU. Gain some ground on your personal goals with the support of Alexandra every step of the way.

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